The annual Chardon Boys' Hoops on the Hill Basketball Tournament will be held March 4-10, 2019. We're expecting over 26 boys' community travel teams from northeast Ohio. Only certified officials are used.

The Chardon tournament has obtained a reputation as one of Ohio's best tournaments for boys’ community travel teams in the 3rd through 6th grades. You'll probably need to be selective of the tournaments you choose, so why not include the best? As always, teams compete in basketball-themed contests as an extra event separate from the tournament games. Your single registration fee covers both.

Several things set the Chardon tournament apart from other tournaments:
  • This tournament provides team standings as they occur in real-time; both on monitors in the gyms and via your computer or smartphone. No matter where you are, you'll know exactly how the tournament is progressing!
  • Not doing as well as hoped during the tournament? No worry. Contests provide three more opportunities to take home hardware while adding a fun event to your weekend schedule! The contests are often cited as a fan and player favorite, and they give your team something exciting to do instead of just waiting between your weekend games. See the Contest Rules menu for more details.
  • Care is taken in scheduling to minimize your travel and wait time, we'll work with you if necessary, and our games have a strong history of staying precisely on schedule! Use our web site to help with your team scheduling, communication, and planning.

    All teams are assigned to pools. You will play each of the other teams in your pool. The top teams from each pool then advance to a single-elimination playoff on Sunday. A Team trophy is awarded to both the champion and runner-up playoff teams within each age-group. An mvp trophy is also awarded to a player from each the championship and runner up team.

    Contests add fun events to complement the competitive games in the schedule. These highly popular contests are comprised of three, basketball-themed matches that take place between teams during a scheduled 1-hour, weekend period. Each contest is a fun, mini-event independent of the tournament competition. Medals are awarded to each participant on each of the winning contest teams.

    All games are played at the Chardon middle and high school AND Perry Fieldhouse, Perry Middle School and Perry High School.. All teams are scheduled for a minimum of 3 games. All teams are also required to participate in the separate contests during their scheduled 1-hour, weekend session. More information can be found under the Tournament Rules and Contest Rules menus.

    Registration is closed - All divisions are full..

    For more information, contact Erik at either (440) 343-5942 or