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Practice Schedule 
No practices scheduled.

The practice schedule may change. Please refer to this section often.

Event Calendar 
No events scheduled.
Team Roster 
Coach: Kevin Roesch  440-376-4883
Coach: Keslie Green  440-223-8998
Team Colors: Black/White  
0  Gia Oriani
1  Lilly Green
4  Quinn Cole
5  Sophie Camino
11  Valentina Ianiro
12  Stella Scanlon
13  Genevieve Wolf
15  Allison Sutter
22  Kennedy Roesch
23  Quinn Gajda
News & Announcements 
The coaches will make every effort to contact players in the event of schedule changes. All changes will also be posted on this web site. It is the responsibility of each player to likewise notify the coaches in advance of a game or practice she cannot make.
Game  Sat  Nov 13 2:00 PM  at To Be Determined      TBD
Game  Sat  Nov 13 4:00 PM  To Be Determined      TBD

More game schedules may be added once they are available. Please be sure to be at all games at least 30 minutes prior to start time!

Site Locations 
FMCS  Fowlers Mill Christian Church, 10755 Mayfield Road, Chardon