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  Pct  PF  PA  GB
Madison 1.000 41 35 -
Kirtland .500 46 30 1
Millcreek PA .000 30 52 2
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For games at the middle school, please park in the main parking lot to the northwest side of the building. Additional parking is available at St. Mary’s Church. For games at the high school, some parking may be available in marked areas in front of the school, though general parking is available across Maple Avenue in the large gravel parking area. Please enter both buildings through entrances on the buildings' south sides. Do not park in unmarked areas, or you may be ticketed!

Please note that all teams are required to participate in a contest session in addition to the tournament games. See the Contest Rules tab for more information. Your contest may precede your first game of the day, so be aware of both start times. You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your first event of the day.
Game  Sat  Mar 16 11:30 AM  Millcreek PA Millcreek PA at Kirtland Hornets     12-29
Game  Sat  Mar 16 1:30 PM  Contests at Kirtland Hornets     CHS
Game  Sat  Mar 16 1:30 PM  Contests at Madison Blue Streaks     CHS
Game  Sat  Mar 16 1:30 PM  Contests at Millcreek PA Millcreek PA     CHS
Game  Sat  Mar 16 2:30 PM  Millcreek PA Millcreek PA at Madison Blue Streaks     18-23
Game  Sat  Mar 16 4:00 PM  Madison Blue Streaks at Kirtland Hornets     18-17

More game schedules may be added once they are available. Please be sure to be at all games at least 30 minutes prior to start time!

Site Locations 
CHS  Chardon High School, 151 Chardon Avenue, Chardon
CMS  Chardon Middle School, 424 North Street, Chardon